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Please inform your aesthetician if you are using Retin-A, Accutane, or photosensitizing medication before any waxing procedures. if going on a holiday, book 2 or 3 days before your departure. Do not tan after this treatment.

*No tanning 24 hours prior to waxing (or sun exposure)
*Exfoliate twice a week and 24 hours prior to wax service.
*Hair must be 1/4 inch long to get the best results
*Cannot be on any Retin A, Accutane or skin medication that causes photosensitivity.
*Will be affective for four to six weeks.
*Waxing is never a permanent way to get rid of hair but it will cause are to have less hair and smoother and softer hair re-growth
*Waxing is beneficial for getting rid of bumps and redness and any irritations caused by shaving


Bikini, regular cut $30
Exotic Bikini $45
Brazilian $60+
Half Leg $48
Full Leg $68
Upper Leg / Exotic Bikini $75
Full Leg / Exotic Bikini $108

Upper Lip $12
Chin $14
Cheek & Sideburns $28
Face Wax – (sideburns, chin & cheeks) $35+


Underarm $22
Chest $50+
Back $50
Shoulder & Back $70

Eyebrow Tweeze $22
Eyebrow Tint $22
Eyelash Tint $28